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Appears on: Dookie

Chump has been played by Green Day 219 times, across 217 show(s).
It was played at 11.56% of Green Day shows.
It was last played 2024-06-29, which was the most recent show.
There have been 1421 show(s) since the live debut.
Since its debut, "Chump" has been played, on average, once every 7 show(s).

Every Time Played by Green Day

Date Played Venue Show Gap SetSong Before Song After Footnote
1993-09-03 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA4201Paper LanternsLongview
1993-09-16 Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX71Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1993-09-19 Numbers, Houston, TX31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1993-09-26 The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA61Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1993-10-03 The Avalon, Boston, MA51KnowledgeLongview
1993-10-07 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH31KnowledgeLongview
1993-10-17 The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA81KnowledgeLongview
1993-10-20 The Warfield, San Francisco, CA21Don't Leave MeLongview
1994-02-15 Cattle Club, Sacramento, CA41Only Of YouLongview
1994-02-16 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA11Only Of YouLongview
1994-02-17 Slim’s, San Francisco, CA11Only Of YouLongview
1994-02-26 The Palace, Los Angeles, CA81Only Of YouLongview
1994-03-03 Trees, Dallas, TX41Only Of YouLongview
1994-03-06 Numbers, Houston, TX31Only Of YouLongview
1994-03-11 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL41One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-15 9:30 Club, Washington, DC31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-17 Irving Plaza, New York, NY31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-18 City Gardens, Trenton, NJ21One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-18 Chelsea Television Studios, New York, NY01BurnoutChump
1994-03-18 Chelsea Television Studios, New York, NY01ChumpChristie Road
1994-03-21 Club Babyhead, Providence, RI31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-23 Les Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, QC11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-03-29 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN51One Of My LiesLongview
1994-04-05 Oz, Seattle, WA41One Of My LiesLongview
1994-04-28 Doornrossje, Nijmegen, Netherlands31LongviewWhen I Come Around
1994-05-01 Lintfabrik, Kontich, Belgium31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-05-17 Bloom, Milan, Italy141One Of My LiesLongview
1994-05-28 Folkets Park, Fagersta, Sweden71One Of My LiesLongview
1994-06-01 En Bruto, Zaragoza, Spain31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-06-04 Txitxarro, Deba, Spain31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-06-05 Garatge Club, Barcelona, Spain11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-06-07 The Duchess of York, Leeds, England31Disappearing BoyLongview
1994-06-10 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-06-11 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-07-05 Slim’s, San Francisco, CA31BurnoutLongview
1994-07-10 University of Regina Students' Union, Regina, SK31Going To Pasalacqua***
1994-07-14 Ranch Bowl, Omaha, NE21One Of My LiesLongview
1994-07-26 Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI91One Of My LiesLongview
1994-07-28 Graffiti Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-07-29 Blind Mellon’s, Buffalo, NY11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-07-31 The Sting, New Britain, CT21One Of My LiesLongview
1994-08-03 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ21Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-05 Downing Stadium, New York, NY11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-10 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-11 Blockbuster Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-14 Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY31One Of My LiesLongview
1994-08-19 Houston Raceway Park, Baytown, TX21Welcome To ParadisePaper Lanterns
1994-08-20 Coca-Cola Starplex, Dallas, TX11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-21 Coca-Cola Starplex, Dallas, TX11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-25 SDSU, San Diego, CA21Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-27 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-08-30 Cloverdale Raceway, Surrey, BC21Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-09-04 Olympic Velodrome, Carson, CA31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-09-05 Olympic Velodrome, Carson, CA11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-09-09 The Hatch Shell, Boston, MA21One Of My LiesLongview
1994-09-10 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-09-11 Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-09-25 The Edge Concert Field, Orlando, FL31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-10-06 Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-10-07 Olympen, Lund, Sweden11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-10-08 Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-10-13 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands41***Going To Pasalacqua
1994-10-14 Corso, Leuven, Belgium11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-10-19 The Boardwalk, Manchester, England51Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-10-22 Astoria Theatre, London, England41One Of My LiesLongview
1994-10-31 San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-01 Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-03 The Palladium, Hollywood, CA21Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1994-11-04 Olympic Velodrome, Carson, CA11One Of My LiesLongview
1994-11-15 Mammoth Events Center, Denver, CO11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-18 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL31Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-25 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI31***Longview
1994-11-26 Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-27 Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-28 U-Mass Mullins Center, Amherst, MA11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-29 CNE Coliseum, Toronto, ON11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-11-30 Verdun Auditorium, Montreal, QC11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-12-01 Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-12-02 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1994-12-05 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY31Basket CaseLongview
1995-05-27 Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-05-28 Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-08-25 Little John’s Farm, Reading, England11JadedLongview
1995-08-27 Walibi Flevo, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands11Going To PasalacquaLongview
1995-08-31 Helsingin Jååhalli, Helskini, Finland31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-09-02 Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-09-03 Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-09-04 Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-09-09 Steinberggasse, Winterthur, Switzerland41BurnoutLongview
1995-09-10 Stadthalle Offenbach, Frankfurt, Germany11BurnoutLongview
1995-09-13 Budapest Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary31BurnoutLongview
1995-09-15 Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy11BurnoutLongview
1995-09-17 Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France21BurnoutLongview
1995-09-18 Brielpoort, Deinze, Belgium11BurnoutLongview
1995-09-20 Brixton Academy, Brixton, England11BurnoutLongview
1995-09-21 Brixton Academy, Brixton, England11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-09-22 Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England11BurnoutLongview
1995-10-17 Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-18 PNE Fairgrounds, Vancouver, BC11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-21 Canadian Airlines Saddledome, Calgary, AB21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-22 Regina Agridome, Regina, SK11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-25 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-26 Sudbury Community Arena, Sudbury, ON11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-27 Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-28 Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, QC11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-29 Ottawa Civic Centre, Ottawa, ON11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-10-31 Metro Centre, Halifax, NS11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-01 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-03 Worcester Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-04 Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-05 State Farm Show Arena, Harrisburg, PA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-06 Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, MD11One Of My LiesLongview
1995-11-09 Broome County Arena, Binghampton, NY21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-11 Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-12 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-13 Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-16 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-17 Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY11Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-11-18 Pepsi Coliseum, Indianapolis, IN11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-19 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-21 Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-22 UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-11-25 Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN31Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1995-11-26 International Ballroom, Atlanta, GA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-12-03 West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL61Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-12-06 University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-12-07 Astroarena, Houston, TX11Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-12-09 Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1995-12-12 Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA21***Longview
1995-12-14 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA21Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-01-27 Harumi East Hall, Tokyo, Japan81Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-02-11 Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia71Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-02-17 Richardson Field, Honolulu, HI31Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-03-17 Patinoire du Littoral, Neuchåtel, Switzerland91Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-03-21 PalaEUR, Rome, Italy31Geek Stink BreathLongview
1996-03-26 Sportovní Hala, Prague, Czech Republic41Geek Stink BreathLongview
1997-07-19 The Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA51Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-09-24 Astoria Theatre, London, England111Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-10-14 Don Hill’s, New York, NY51Welcome To ParadiseLongview
1997-10-31 Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX21Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-11-02 Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL11Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-11-03 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL11Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-11-05 Embassy Music Hall, Orlando, FL21The GrouchLongview
1997-11-08 Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC21The GrouchLongview
1997-11-09 The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-10 9:30 Club, Washington, DC11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-11 Tower Records, New York, NY11KnowledgeLongview
1997-11-12 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-13 Worcester Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-14 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-15 Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-17 Webster Theater, Hartford, CT11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-18 Metropolis, Montreal, QC11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-19 The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON21The GrouchLongview
1997-11-20 The State Theater, Detroit, MI11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-24 Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL31The GrouchLongview
1997-11-25 The Rave, Milwaukee, WI11The GrouchLongview
1997-11-28 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO21Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-11-30 Bank of America Center, Boise, ID21The GrouchLongview
1997-12-02 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT11Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-12-03 La Luna, Portland, OR11The GrouchLongview
1997-12-04 Event Center Arena, San Jose, CA11Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-12-06 Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA11Hitchin' A RideLongview
1997-12-07 Club Rio, Tempe, AZ11The GrouchLongview
1997-12-10 Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA21The GrouchLongview
1997-12-11 Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA11The GrouchLongview
1997-12-12 Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA11The GrouchLongview
1997-12-15 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA21One Of My LiesLongview
1998-01-20 Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland21The GrouchLongview
1998-01-24 Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland41The GrouchLongview
1998-01-26 Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England21The GrouchLongview
1998-01-27 Town And Country Club, Leeds, England11The GrouchLongview
1998-01-28 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England11One Of My LiesLongview
1998-01-30 Brixton Academy, Brixton, England11The GrouchLongview
1998-01-31 Brixton Academy, Brixton, England11The GrouchLongview
1998-02-03 Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France31The GrouchLongview
1998-02-04 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium11The GrouchLongview
1998-02-09 Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden41The GrouchLongview
1998-02-17 Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland51The GrouchLongview
1998-02-25 Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain71The GrouchLongview
1998-03-14 Tokyo Bay NK Hall, Chiba, Japan11The GrouchLongview
1998-03-15 Tokyo Bay NK Hall, Chiba, Japan11The GrouchLongview
1998-03-22 Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo, Japan51The GrouchLongview
1998-03-30 University of New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia51The GrouchLongview
1998-03-31 University of New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia11The GrouchLongview
1998-04-04 The River Stage, Brisbane, Australia31The GrouchLongview
2013-05-27 Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia7092Having A BlastLongview
2013-05-29 Krieau, Vienna, Austria12Having A BlastLongview
2013-07-10 Arénes de Nîmes, Nîmes, France191BurnoutHitchin' A Ride
2013-07-12 Passeio Marîtimo de Algés, Oeiras, Portugal11BurnoutHitchin' A Ride
2013-07-13 Kobetamendi, Bilbao, Spain11BurnoutHitchin' A Ride
2013-08-21 O2 Academy Brixton, London, England12Having A BlastLongview
2013-08-23 Little John’s Farm, Reading, England12Having A BlastLongview
2013-08-24 Bramham Park, Leeds, England12Having A BlastLongview
2014-02-20 Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney, Australia21BurnoutLongview
2014-02-22 RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, Australia11BurnoutLongview
2014-02-23 Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia11BurnoutLongview
2014-02-28 Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Australia11BurnoutLongview
2014-03-01 Bonython Park, Adelaide, Australia11Kiss Me DeadlyBurnout
2014-03-03 Arena Joondalup, Perth, Australia11BurnoutLongview
2019-10-30 La Riviera, Madrid, Spain1431Having A BlastLongview
2022-07-29 Metro, Chicago, IL581Bang BangLongview
2023-10-19 Fremont Country Club, Las Vegas, NV151Having A BlastLongview
2023-11-07 Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy51BurnoutLongview
2024-03-19 House of Blues, Anaheim, CA123BurnoutPulling Teeth
2024-04-18 Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA31Having A BlastLongview
2024-05-30 Monte do Gozo, Santiago de Compostela, Spain12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-01 Caja Magica, Madrid, Spain12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-05 LDLC Arena, Lyon-Décines, France12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-07 Zeppelinfield, Nuremberg, Germany12BurnoutBasket Case
2024-06-10 Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany22Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-11 Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, Hamburg, Germany12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-16 Ippodromo Snai La Maura, Milan, Italy32Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-18 Accor Arena, Paris, France12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-19 Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-21 Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, England12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-25 Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, Scotland22Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-27 Marlay Park, Dublin, Ireland12Having A BlastLongview
2024-06-29 Wembley Stadium, London, England12Having A BlastLongview

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