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xkid-67 April 2, 2024
at least they have more than 1minute



















GoodnightAdeline January 28, 2024
I was shocked that this was Green Day's first time playing this venue. They played like their lives depended on it, and the crowd could feel their energy. It was great to see so many generations enjoying the show. The fireworks after Good Riddance were an awesome bonus. I really hope they play the coliseum again before it's gone. 

MadamMimmy January 28, 2024
This was the first time I saw Green Day live despite being a fan since I was in middle school. They didn't play long because this wasn't part of the Revolution Radio tour; it was Not So Silent Night. Many of the other bands that performed mentioned how excited they were to hear Green Day. I wish there would have been an encore. This show made me even more excited about seeing the Revolution Radio tour. 

ambroshaa January 27, 2024
Almost 20 years later and I still feel so lucky and privileged that I was able to attend this particular concert. I have always held a special place for music in my heart of all genres, began going to concerts at a very young age and continued into adulthood. There was just something different about hearing music played live and being in a venue where you could actually feel the sound of the speakers. Singing in unison with hundreds or tens of thousands to the same song was just so unifying as a teen and young adult in an uncertain world.

I became a diehard fan of Green Day prior to Dookie being released so much so that on the 20th anniversary of receiving 1039 for Christmas (which was a difficult accomplishment before Amazon and eBay in a rural Ohio town) my younger brother gifted me a mint condition copy that is almost and antique at this point which blows my mind!

Flashback to 2005, I gifted my younger brother tickets to the AI tour for his high school graduation present. As most fans know the original date was cancelled, rumors swirled in the news that it was due to an overdose and my heart sank. Now we all know it was due to illness and voice issues. When we went back for the rescheduled date at the end of the tour, Billie was so apologetic and said that as a 'thank you' for returning and an 'I'm sorry' for cancelling they would be playing the entire album. I was beyond shocked and amazed at the energy of the band, the pitch perfect songs, and the fact that I was able to hear the whole album from beginning to end. During the moment it was amazing, exciting, and I was amped up right at the stage (before the bigger barricades) being hit with sweat from the band. I knew it was night I would never forget, but I had no idea it would go down in GD history as one of the only few times an entire album was played through, and one of the only few times some of the songs played were played live in a career that had now spanned almost 40 years.

This summer I will be taking my son to his first GD concert, in the pit, at the stage, to hear his favorite albums in full, I can only hope it's as influential to him as it was to me 19 years ago. 

39_smooth January 25, 2024
Have been a fan for many years. The hella mega show in Groningen was my first time (finally!) seeing Green Day live and man... that did not dissapoint! Their energy was fantastic! The crowed loved it. Good quality music too, some songs I liked even better live then on CD, Billie's voice is great live

NakeFame January 25, 2024
As a fan attending their first show, I had zero clue what to expect beyond YouTube videos. My god, was it a lot better in person, and near my birthday no less! Did not expect Letterbomb to be played, did not expect quite a few things, it truly was an amazing experience that I don't think I'll forget. Can't wait to see them in September this year!

ShortMusicDude January 24, 2024
This show really means a lot to me since I work at this venue! This was a super memorable night and I was fortunate enough to get picks from Billie and Mike and sticks from Tre. The energy in the room was unreal. If anyone ever has an opportunity to see GD in an intimate setting, you will never regret it. This was probably the most fun I've had at a GD show to date! (And that's saying something). 

TackleAckles January 24, 2024
That first time seeing Green Day feels from this show, I remember sitting up in the stands screaming the songs to a band I'd loved for a long time. It was pure bliss and a feeling I chase everytime I've been to see them since. 21st Century  Breakdown came out in my formative years as a teen and hearing these songs live is still one of the best memories to date.

tehjessicarae January 24, 2024
The first and only time I ever saw Green Day in concert. I have seen a number of bands, but I think to date this has to have been my favorite concert. My husband (then boyfriend) came with me even though he doesn't really care for the band and we both had an excellent time. I hope they come through San Antonio again sometime, I'll definitely go!

partypoison January 24, 2024
Fourth time seeing them and hands down the best show ever! A few deep cuts that I was so excited to hear along with classics that still sound amazing even all these years later. The energy never dipped the entire night and I wasn't even in standing room. I lost my voice by the end which I've never done before so kudos!!

Stevecool17 January 24, 2024
I love the show, its on of my all time favorite Green Day performances. I hated the fact that they had to play so late and the crowdwas not as enthused as they would have been if it weren'tas late but I'm prettysure "She" left the crowd away for days. And I really think Billie should play naked more often.

primadonnagirl69 January 23, 2024
My first time seeing them, and it was an awesome show!! The festival took place on the beach, so we were all standing in the sand, which was a pretty cool way to experience a concert. They were even better live than I thought they'd be - the energy was tight and electric throughout the entire set and Billie was jumping all over the stage as he does. Setlist was pretty standard for a Hella Mega-era show, but they threw in Disappearing Boy which was a nice surprise! The crowd was huge and the energy around where I was was really positive, everybody knew the lyrics and was jumping and jamming along.

latesorrow January 23, 2024
Wish I could've made it, thanks for always sticking around for your fans, this album was totally worth the wait! I got to see you guys back in Connecticut on the 21st century breakdown tour, it meant everything! This video was really awesome to see and still is, it's really sweet how it went from just a video shoot to an all around party that day! 

HCATZ123 January 23, 2024
Aboustely awesome show, one of the first post hella mega tour. The whole band sounded much better after their hella mega run and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. A real return to form with some deviations from the Hella Mega set list. Just an awesome time. The whole festival just had an awesome vibe and made friends along the way. Itching for them to come to florida soon. RIP Innings Tampa Bay

eggplant1039 December 28, 2023
I was talking to Ken Doose about old Sacramento and Green Day flyers,

where we got to the Davis show on Apr 7, 1989!!!

We all believe that the band plays like Sweet Children,

however the guy who was at the show said that on his list the band was as Green Day,
so this would be the first show with the current name,

and the Gilman show a week before the last as Sweet Children;

I  spoke to Scott Torguson and he confirmed that the band changed its name and introduced itself as Green Day to the public, he commented that he booked two of their shows there, but at this show he was only present.

LarkShark December 13, 2023
After scrambling all day to get a ticket, getting to see this show felt very special. All of Dookie, a new song, and a bunch of rarities!? Watching Tré take Blue for All By Myself had everyone laughing. When they busted out Homecoming and Last Night on Earth, I was genuinely surprised. Truly a night I'll never forget.

boog2021 December 7, 2023
First (and to date only) green day show! Was a graduation gift from parents, and went with my boyfriend at the time. There was an absolute downpour right before doors opened, so we missed half of the Interrupters set. Best moment of the night was the drop of Hitchin a Ride, when all the pyro went off.

Jason December 6, 2023
Alfie - The myth of "the first Green Day show was the last Op Ivy show" has been spread around for years (mostly attached to the show the day prior at Gilman) despite it not being true, so most likely they just believed it to be true based on that myth. The show the day prior was their first show at Gilman with their new name which is probably where that whole thing started. I've added an ed note to the footnotes to make it clear that it was not the first Green Day show.

Alfie December 6, 2023
This Isocracy quote is maybe mixing memories from the show at Eggplant's in October 16, 1988, where John Kiffmeyer met the band, with this last Operation Ivy gig. Because this definitely was not Green Day's first performance.

This also brings me doubts about the other acts like Crimpshrine and Isocrary on this date

Rusty_James December 4, 2023
I was never much of a fall out boy fan but they're cool. I've always liked weezer. But man did the energy in the stadium change once Green Day took the stage. I thought his voice sounded quite good at this show. I wasn't crazy about the kiss cover but whatever I'd watch Green Day play wiggles covers. 

Rusty_James December 4, 2023
This was a lot of fun. I think there may be a song missing from this setlist but I'm not positive since it was so long ago. They pulled a kid up from stage to play a song, it may have been Longview but for some reason I thought it was knowledge. He then asked Billie Joe if they could play J.A.R. and they did. I don't think it was Longview that came before that song but idk and don't have a way to prove otherwise. 

Rusty_James December 4, 2023
Incredible to see this setlist. This was my first Green Day show. I was 14 years old. I remember there being a fight down on the floor and Billie Joe kicked him out saying "we don't fucking fight here! Get the fuck out!"  Then he turned to the rest of the crowd and said " you know who else needs to get out? Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he will see how godless a nation we have become."  The crowd roared as the guitar riff for East Jesus Nowhere began. It was such a badass song live and when he brought someone on stage to "heal" them, it was phenomenal. I can still feel the heat from the pyrotechnics when I think about it. I've seen them a few times since and will be seeing them in Portland this year for the saviors tour and I will be bringing my son with me. How fucking cool is that? 

Jason November 20, 2023
Before Green Day took the stage for the halftime show, a fan beside me commented "Isn't Usher playing the Super Bowl halftime show this year? This is the first time the Grey Cup has a better halftime show than the Super Bowl!" 

While I am a football fan, with no fan affiliation with either team playing, I bought a ticket for the Grey Cup to see Green Day and Green Day alone. It was not a pleasant wait for the band's set even though the game was good, it was cold and and I was underdressed - just making it to the halftime show was no easy feat. Before the band took the stage, they could be seen jumping around at the side trying to get warm for their performance. 

When they were finally given the green light that the broadcast was live, they fired through four songs while flames shot up from behind the stage and fireworks were launched at key moments - it was an awesome show, it's too bad it was only 15 minutes!

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