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Who made this site? was co-created by Jason (admin) and Todd (head editor) as an expansion to Green Day Online. The website runs on the amazing Songfish software created by Adam Scheinberg. Many of the fan reviews found in the footnotes of our older setlists were collected by Ham Pascale, so a huge thanks to them for their work.

What is the difference between this site and

This entire site is built only for Green Day and their side projects so you will be able to find a lot more in-depth statistics for their touring histories here. Since the setlists are entered only by Todd or myself, there's no chance of made-up shows or fake song entries here as often happens at We also have hundreds of concert posters, personal stats and fans can both rate and review shows they've attended.

Why are the song play counts different than on

There are several shows entered on that were actually cancelled or that cite previously mislabeled recordings as the source for the setlists that were later found to be from other shows. Our goal here is to provide the most accurate statistics, not the highest counts.

What does "Verified" mean on setlists?

Verified means that our head editor Todd has confirmed that the setlist for the show is 100% accurate by using an audio or video source to verify the complete concert.

I don't know where to look for the stats I want!

Your best bet is to use the advanced search which will allow you to specify exactly what you want to find. We also have a stats guide for each band in the menu (under "Bands") which contains quick links to the key stats found on the site.

Why aren't all the albums in the discography?

For the purpose of this site, including live albums or compilations was unnecessary. Head over to for a complete discography for each band.

How can I get personal stats and rate & review shows?

Once you've created an account on the site you can immediately rate and review shows along with adding your comments on any song. To view your personal Green Day live stats for shows you've attended, click your username in the menu and select "Shows & Groups".

I registered but didn't get a confirmation email, help!

Check your spam folder to make sure the email wasn't filtered there. If you still have issues, send me an email and I'll get you sorted.

I'd like to contribute to the site, how can I help?

We want this site to be as accurate as possible so if you notice any errors or omissions in the setlists contained here, reach out to our editor Todd. If you'd like to contribute a concert poster or have questions or comments about the site itself, send an email to Jason.

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